Will I drive on my first lesson?

Yes. We always aim to book your first lesson for two hours, to give you time to understand the controls and to

 get the feel of the car and drive!


What do I need to bring with me on my first driving lesson?

On your first driving lesson (depending whether you have driven before or not) you need to bring both parts of your provisional driving licence,

your progress booklet (this will be posted to you prior to your first lesson or given on short notice booking 1st lesson) and payment for the lesson (unless already pre-paid).

Please also bring along any glasses/contact lenses if you need to wear them, to stay legal,

 and suitable footwear to stay comfortable.


How long are your driving lessons?

Driving Lessons can be 1 hour, 1.5 Hour, 2 Hour, even 3 hour lessons- it's entirely up to you. We can do 4 or more hour lessons, although these would be more suited to an Intensive Driving Course.  


How many driving lessons will I need?    

Barneys will teach you to drive properly, safely and competently on our complex, modern road systems.

On average the DSA recommends around 45 hours with a qualified driving instructor, as well as additional private practice. This is, however,

an average and you may require fewer lessons than this or even a few more to get to the required DSA driving test standard.

There are various factors that come into this,

how frequent you take driving lessons, as the longer gaps there are between lessons, the longer it will take you.

Your driving instructor will assess your progress and advise you when to book your driving test.


Will I have the same driving instructor throughout my lessons?

Yes Martin will be with you every step of the way.


Do I use my instructor's car for my driving test?


you would use your normal  instructor's car for the test and do a lesson immediately before your test

(we usually pick you up 1 hour before your test) or as arranged..

The instructor will accompany you to the test centre


Once I pass my theory test, how long is it valid for?

Your theory test is valid for 2 years from the date you pass it, the date is stamped on the test result.




What if I need to cancel or re-arrange a driving lesson that has been booked?

If you need to change or cancel a driving lesson that has already been booked, please contact your driving instructor ASAP,

24Hrs is required, but we are reasonable and human, we understand situations arise in life at short notice, so please give as much notice as possible.

If the instructor turns up on time for the lesson and pupil for whatever reason is not available and not cancelled prior,

 The pupil will be charged for the lesson, but that situation have never arisen to date.


What are the most common DSA driving test failure reasons?

The most common 10 reasons are listed below, Barneys teach you to avoid these all to common pitfalls,

1. Junction Observations
2. Usage of mirrors
3. Reverse parking
4. Reversing around a corner
5. Lack of steering control
6. Moving away safely
7. Incorrect positioning on the road
8. Incorrect positioning to turn right
9. Incorrect use of signals
10. Inappropriate speed