Barneys Starter Pack is an introduction offer for new drivers of any age.

The pupil is introduced to all aspects of practical driving, everything from correct seat posture to driving manoeuvres.

Barneys Starter Pack is an excellent introduction to driving for the unsure nervous driver.






After the Starter Pack or if you're not a beginner to driving, the price of 25 covers a one hour driving lesson,

 or a one hour refresher driving lesson covering your chosen crux.






Pass Plus is made up of six practical modules which include:

driving in town

driving in all weathers

driving on rural roads

driving at night

driving on dual carriageways

driving on motorways


The Pass Plus is a safe and valuable insight in to the real world of driving after the passing of the driving test, experience is gained in all aspects of future driving and experience is what is needed to stay a safe driver,

and it can make a difference with some insurers which can only be a good thing for the driver.




Every Barneys pupil upon passing their driving test will receive a hand written congratulations card,

 plus a congratulations voucher for a 25 reduction in the Pass Plus price,

making it 125 for Barneys students.


Pass Plus can also be used as the ultimate refresher course for qualified drivers who have not driven

 in a while for whatever reason.